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Warrior Locker

Warrior Locker: The strongest collapsible storage container to hit the market. Built with the warfighter in mind, Warrior Locker is made with the strongest materials designed to match the mission. Strong enough to be a bed frame, light enough to carry personal effects. Warrior Locker is designed specifically with rapid deployment in mind, optimized for the 463L pallet; 600-collapsed crates can fit on one-463L. Empty boxes simply take up space, optimize your storage solutions: folded lockers are there when you need them. Warrior Locker combines adaptability with durability. This folding locker comes complete with easy to engage buttons, 4 folding sides and firm grip handles; all designed for ease of use and rapid deployment. Built to last, with durable plastic composites, Warrior Locker can handle tough conditions while being deployed on 463L pallets at unprecedented levels of efficiency. Warrior Locker comes with a variety of solutions and accessories to fit any use case and can be fully customized (color, materials and options) to meet your needs.


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