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Presentations and Briefings 

As part of the Search and Rescue Expo, exhibitors are able to give product, service and technology briefings at no additional cost.  We have set up two banquet rooms for presentations.  Each banquet room has its own schedule and exhibitors can book presentation times based on a first come, first serve basis. The presentations will be broken into 30 min time slots, with an hour off for lunch (12pm-1pm) to catch up if any presentations go over its allotted time.  We would like to limit presentations to 1 hour if possible (two time slots).   The hours for the banquet room presentations are 9am-5pm Friday and Saturday, and 9am-1pm Sunday. 

To book a presentation, please email Matt Bartlett at the below contact, to receive the most up to date schedule with available time slots.  If possible, include in the subject line - "Exhibitor Briefing."


Presentations and Briefings