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Panel Discussions

Panel Discussions:  All panel discussions are in Briefing Area 1


  • Dr Robert Koester
  • CDR Matt Mitchell, USCG
  • Skip Stoffel, ERI
  • Chris Boyer, NASAR
  • Bryan Enberg, NASAR
  • Justin Bern, Mountain Rescue Association
  • Moderator: Brett Stoffel, ERI



Saturday, 24 February, 11am – 12pm

Panel 1: Technology and capability hurdles in Search and Rescue, and how to overcome them.


Saturday, 24 February, 2pm – 3pm

Panel 2: Going forward, where should our focus be as a professional community.


Sunday, 25 February, 11am – 12pm

Panel 3: Good or bad, common standards across North American Search and Rescue.